A badshah among airports

Terminal 3 at Dubai international airport is a destination all by itself.Recently I was there as a transit passenger during my ultra short vacation  to India from Libya.

Apart from the glitz and glamor , the duty free areas,the numerous restaurants,lounges and spas what impresses is the various amenities for the weary passenger.Great design ,spotless cleanliness and meticulous attention to detail makes travelling through this airport a truly world class experience.

Spotless toilets : You are never far from a toilet at this airport.They are everywhere tucked unobtrusively in discreet corners with proper signage.Using the loo here is an experience you should not miss!

Travelators:The terminal is one long  building. Walking from one end to the other takes 15 – 20 minutes a tough ask especially if your boarding gates are about to close.Travelators all along the path speed you up making the walk a breeze.Wish I had my toddler son with me. He would have freaked out joyriding on them.

Recliners: Weary and need to put up your feet?The terminal has more than enough chairs for a quick nap.However they could have been more comfy.I kept sliding down the smooth plastic.

Charging stations : Lots of charging stations so that one does not run out of battery time for the all important cellphone and laptop. How weird it feels if you are not connected to these devices.I had problems logging into the wi fi network and was offline during my eight hours there.

Flight announcements :Crystal clear LCD screens announce departures and arrivals.And they are all over the place. A quick check to confirm your flight timing and you can go back and continue your nap.

Truly a badshah among airports!

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