Mediterranean catch

Benghazi is right on the North African coast. As such fish is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.Looking for some fresh  catch I along with my colleagues made a detour to the fishing jetty opposite hotel Oza.

Colourful plastic crates made for a cheerful market.There was none of the boisterous shouting and haggling that characterise a Goan  fish market.Plenty of exotic variety of fish.

tuna fish

Mackerels are my favourite fish and there were  some huge ones.The Goan mackerels back home look pretty skinny in comparison.Tuna is another popular fish.It is a fleshy fish and was being cut up and the meat sold by the kgs.Baby sharks seem to be another local favourite.

baby shark

libyan fish vendor

Picking fresh fish is  literally an art.Apart from the look of the fish you need to lift the gills and peek under to gauge whether the gills are bright red. Inspite of coaching from my father I am still very much a novice.The fresh fish I pick are more by chance than by design.

cooking the fish

We picked up a huge mackerel which was cut and cleaned there itself for a small charge.For a little more the fish can be cooked  either  by deep frying in oil or on a slow flame.Along with some salad  it is as fresh a fish meal as you can get.

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