Anna’s August Revolution

candlelight vigil at azad maidan - panaji

It was a perfect storm which hit the Indian political establishment this monsoon.Seventy four year old Anna Hazare’s anti corruption agitation was a masterclass in political agitation.A carefully orchestrated campaign since March reached a crescendo in August and had the government on the ropes begging for mercy.

candlelight vigil - azad maidan ,panaji

It’s difficult not to get cynical about corruption staying in India.Its in your face and all pervasive.Greasing palms is a taken and you are butt of jokes if you don’t toe the line.I remember the impotent rage I felt when a clerk slammed his cubicle window on me when I did not yield to his demand for attesting my own degree certificates.What values do I teach my son?Do I preach honesty and then watch him struggle to thrive in a crooked society?Or do I let him find his own moral bearings?

support for Anna's fast - panaji

So when Anna threw us a lifeline in the form of the jan lokpal bill we,middle India grabbed it.We cheered him everyday on television.We campaigned for him online.Here in Goa too fasts,meetings and candlelight vigils took place.It was exhilarating to be part of the biggest pan India movement in decades. I had just come back from the Libyan  revolution when the Anna movement started.I had seen what could be achieved when frustrated youth said enough is enough.This too was a revolution.A revolution against the ‘chalta hai’ attitude of Indian society.A revolution which gave new belief to people power.A revolution which said “Yes,We Can.”

the battle is won - the war remains

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