The Secret Lake

Nestled among the wooded hills in a corner of my village of Santa Cruz lies the Bodvol lake.Few people outside the village seem to know much about this ‘secret lake’.

lush greenery enroute

One sunny morning this monsoon ,I took my wife and son on an excursion to the lake.Off we went on our scooter ,my son agog with excitement.The lake is located at a height in the hills behind the temple.We dumped the scooter at the foothills and trekked up.We followed the trails in the dense vegetation.After losing our way once we got on the right trail.Lush greenery and colourful wild flowers enveloped us .My son was wide eyed seeing all the pretty butterflies.A short sharp climb and we saw the placid waters in front of us.

bodvol lake

The lake is surrounded by thick wooded hills on all three sides which forms its watershed.A man made lake it was built in 1908 during Portuguese times.Locals tell me it is more than two coconut trees deep.Largely deserted for most of the area the lake comes alive during the annual Sao Joao festival in June.Dedicated to St John the Baptist it involves jumping into wells and lakes by the revellers.


Soaking in the solitude I wondered for how much longer the place would retain its pristine beauty.My guess is not for long.Like much of Goa that has been ravaged by builders and miners this too will soon be paradise lost.

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2 Responses to The Secret Lake

  1. Manohar says:

    Hey this brings sweet memories.Must visit it soon.

    • anandma1 says:

      Sooner the better.I heard about some construction project coming over there.Looks like it too will go the Bambolim valley way.

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