Daffodils !



‘I wander’d lonely as a cloud,

that floats on high o’er vales and hills,

when all at once I saw a crowd,

a host, of golden daffodils …..’

 ‘Daffodils‘ by William Wordsworth (1804)

Wandering home  from my college among the hills of Garhyan earlier this week I  had a deja vu  moment .Spring had come to the Western mountains (Jebel Nafusa) in Libya and the hills were abloom. The sudden sighting of a dense patch of daffodils in the olive orchard took me back to my school days.Back then in the  poetry class I had struggled to visualise Wordsworth’s most famous work.Now,decades later, gazing at the serendipitous sight in the olive orchard the picture was finally complete.

multi hued flowersEven though my house is a fair distance from the college I preferred to walk.It was spring after all.The skies were clear and a warm sun was shining down . There was a buzz in the air with the bees busy at work. The  route from my college was transformed into a beautiful  carpet of multihued flowers.yellow,white,purple, orange,violet..  .Almond trees were in full bloom with their pretty white flowers.The area contains many olive orchards which produce what are considered among the world’s finest olives. There below the olive trees the turmoil of last year seemed like a distant memory.Yes,Libya was alive and well.

another day - on the lonely road to zintan - western mountains; libya

another day - on the lonely road to zintan - western mountains; libya

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9 Responses to Daffodils !

  1. basu says:

    why u came to dentistry ?

  2. Geeta says:

    Thanks for sharing .. It is simply out of the world ..

  3. Dr. REJI GEORGE says:

    Really so splendid and mindblowing view…Thanks a lot for posting such eye soothing view..
    Reji George ( formerly in Al- Wahat )

  4. Manohar says:

    Really felt refreshed after reading it. and realised that our daily grind takes us away from the devine sights and sounds of nature that we are surrounded with .Thanks for awakening us to these wonders thru this blog. And again let me reiterate-you write really well. I agree with the comment of Mr. Basu. Ha ha

    • anandma1 says:

      Dhums, thanks ,glad you like the blog.Yes the daily grind does wear us down.By the way do you recollect which class we had this poem. or was it in Demphe’s ?

  5. Mahalia says:

    I have been so bediewerld in the past but now it all makes sense!

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