Tramping through Tripoli – II

arch of Roman emperor Marcus Auralieus- Tripoli

arch of Roman emperor Marcus Auralieus- Tripoli

(Second post in a three part series on visit to Tripoli and Leptis Magna in Nov 2011 a few days after liberation of Libya.)

Day two of our Tripoli sojourn was spent entirely in walking about the city.We wanted to go to see Bab Al Azziza (Gaddafi’s fortress like compound) for some war tourism but a local told us that it had been completely razed to the ground.”Gaddafi finished” he said with a gleeful grin .So we gave it a go by and stuck to in and around the medina area.

al fatah towers ,marriot hotel just seen on the left side corne

Walking around we came across the pentagonal towers .According to locals all the five towers can be seen together at only one point (photograph in previous post). Next to the pentagonal towers were a few more huge buildings .One was the Al Fatah towers with a revolving restaurant on the top .The other two were hotels one of which is the Marriot hotel.Also in the vicinity is the Corintia hotel .These few buildings are probably all of the large buildings you will see in Libya.

coffee at a Algeria square

coffee at a Algeria square

Our long walk continued along the sea .We came across the small fishing harbour and fish market.From there we entered the souk medina in the old city.The place has a centuries old feel about it lined with cafes ,gold shops and all manner of shops.Just near the souk is the arch of Marcus Aurelius ,the Roman emperor who was born in Libya.Behind it is another historical landmark ,the Gurgi mosque built in 1834 .Coming out of the souk into Martyr’s  square we made way for a coffee in front of Algeria square.The impressive mosque there was a erstwhile catholic church which was converted to a mosque. An hour passed off slowly sipping coffee and watching the pigeons .Dusk settled in and we made our way back to our rooms after a weary day.

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  1. PRASHANTH says:

    keep itup nice job anand…

  2. Sushant says:

    From Bamboli to Tripoli…….in search of success! I could Co author……….

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